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About Taharah

Why choose our services

How many times would we have hired a Foreign Domestic Worker, only to realise that it is yet another bad match. Is it our fault that either or both party finds it frustrating to work together? Not only will it save you the time, money, energy and efforts, it will save you a lot of psychological distress going through it all when a good match is made.


Taharah was born out of frustrations of repeated bad matches, if only the agents took extra efforts in helping find a good match. Only if they listened a little more. At Taharah, we made a promise to listen to our clients needs, serve them with our heart and find the best candidate to work for them. By the way, we listen to our workers interests and needs too. That way we can ensure a higher retention rate. If there is no match, we will let you know as such, if there is a match, you know we have done our thorough ground works.


All human are complex beings acting differently under various situations. Their disposition and situations make a whole lot of different outcomes. For example, lets say a FDW named Shwe Zin Htun is married and has a 5 year old child. If she is working in Singapore and deprived the usage of her mobile phone entirely, she is bound to have unsettlement and worries about her family’s well-being. How will she be able to concentrate at her work? Mobile phone has become an essential and we are NOT allowed to deprive of them of their rights. MOM strictly forbids employers from denying their personal property such as mobile phone, work permit cards, passports, etc. This is an offence if done so.


Hence, to have a positive relationship with the FDW, it is important we treat them like a colleague. Just letting her use the phone during the mutually agreed hours will not hurt we believe, in fact it sets the boundary when it is allowed and when it isnt. Lets all be clear and draw that line. After all they are working for us, for our household, some are even holding highly responsible job scope caring for our young and old. A little compassion and their welfare and interests in mind will go a long way. It is certainly both ways. The FDW also has the responsibility to fulfil her duties and keep up the trust. As such, she too must learn to use her mobile phones during the mutually agreed timings. Hence and forth for all other matters.


A lot of rapport building and relationship building. It is not a paid employer-FDW role only, its a long term (at least 2 years long) relationship which requires understanding and efforts to train and guide them. Vice versa, FDW has to make efforts to learn and adjust and work diligently. Communication is essential as both parties have to understand when any challenges arise. Critical problem solving, etc all can be learnt, a little patience is key. Just like when we learn how to drive, we are not born knowing it all. The FDWs do come from diverse background and a lot of unfamiliarity when they arrive, so do give them the time and guidance needed.


For such an important and close working relationship, should we not spend that extra time and efforts to search for a good match? Yes, thats what we believe at Taharah. We decided to do the search for you so you save the frustrations and energy going around finding help. Leave that to us.


What is after all that efforts and groundwork, your FDW is not a good match? See it goes back to what I said initially about human being a complex creation, they react differently under different situations. Hence, we give you the assurance of having one replacement of FDW within 6 months if after all the counselling between employer-FDW doesn’t go well. The MOM fees and insurance fee is still applicable as its per FDW. We will not charge another agent fee.


Having said all that, we wish you the best in your maid search. We assure you we do our very best. As per our motto “Your Search is Our Quest”, we will strive to make it the best match possible with an assurance of a replacement (again excluding MOM fees and insurance).

We thank you for your time reading and we look forward to serving you. :-)


Much Love and God bless,


Taharah Recruiters Team

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